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Rally Cars

Mk2 Escort - Historic





Mk2 Escort - Road Rally

Hugh Evans - Road Rally Escort

RS2000 Escort Mk2 for Hugh Evans from North Wales built to Road Rally specification.

Steffan "DR" Davies - Mk2 Escort

Steffan "DR" Davies - Mk2 Escort

Wyn Owens 4 door Road Rally Escort

Wyn Owens 4 door Road Rally Escort



Mk1 Escort - Historic

Dylan Davies - Mk1 Historic

Mk1 Historic for a assault on the British Historic Championship for 2011 to be used by young talented driver Dylan Davies.

Mk1 Escort - Historic - Malcolm Wilson

In 2009 we were given the opportunity to build a shell for one of the biggest names in motorsport, namely, Malcolm Wilson.




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